Five Great Home Improvement Projects for the Weekend

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Not every home remodeling project needs to be expensive or time consuming. For homeowners that are ready to upgrade the comfort, safety, and livability of their home, here is a handful of weekend projects that can be done on a tight budget.

Liven Up Your Entryway
Updating the color of your door, adding some design touches to the entryway, and bringing in a few potted plants is a great way to renovate the appearance and curb appeal of a home on a limited budget. The front door is one of the few exterior components of the home that does not need to perfectly match the trim or sides as long as owners stick to a relatively neutral color such as a deep red. This is also a great time to replace any outdoor lights for better nighttime safety and appearance.

Setup An HVAC Maintenance Appointment
Most specialists suggest that homeowners have their HVAC system serviced at least twice a year in the early spring and fall. During this maintenance, the technician will start by giving the outdoor unit and ducts a visual inspection for standing water, cracks, and mold. These technicians can then check on the accuracy of the thermostat, replace filters, top off fluids, and notify the owner of any parts that may need to be replaced in the near future.

Do a Safety Checkup
At least a few times a year every homeowner should do a thorough safety check of their property. The first few steps include checking the batteries on carbon monoxide detectors and checking the expiration dates on any fire extinguishers. This is also a good time to go over the home’s warranty and insurance polices. No matter how careful residents may be accidents can happen at any time, and without a home warranty in place they could be looking at thousands in repairs and replacement costs.

Install Dimmer Switches
Installing dimmer switches in a family room or dining room is a great addition that can generally be carried out in less than an hour. Dimmer switches will instantly change the atmosphere of these rooms but there are some things to consider. While most incandescent bulbs work perfectly with dimmer switches, those that use florescent lights will need to ensure that their bulbs have been designed to be dimmed.

Upgrade the Backsplash
Adding or redoing a backsplash is one of the best ways to transform the appearance of a kitchen without carrying out any major mechanical changes. Before starting this project, the only major concern is that the wall is sound and there is no water damage or mold. Once this has been checked, owners can install a backsplash as lavish or as affordable as they would like with cheap ceiling tiles, artistic backsplash tiles, tin plating, wood, wallpaper, or a simple paint design.

Whether you have just an hour or two to work on your house or an entire weekend to devote to upgrades, each of these remodeling ideas are a great way to spruce up the appearance of your property.


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